Even good change, desired and worked for change comes with fear. Think of the caterpillar when her cocoon is outgrown, the next step obviously is to expand her wings and become a butterfly. But there is such vulnerability here, the wings are crumpled, she’s not ready but the known safety is gone. She is easy prey for birds and predators.

So too with us. When we leave behind what is known, even if it is outdated and no longer serves us, when we shape shift we are vulnerable, we don’t know the territory or the way home.

I’ve been really feeling this putting this website and courses together. I want it, I’ve worked hard for it and I truly believe I have something of real value to share. My old shell is not happy though. All the childhood voices of stay quiet, you’re not good enough and there is safety in invisibility are up and loud.

It’s a balancing act of acknowledging the fear, of thanking that part of me that wants to keep me small and safe. Saying “thank you very much” but I no longer belong here.

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”

Mark Rothko

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