Well, here we are. We’ve made it to another year!

My wish for you, and for myself is to be a little kinder, to each other and to ourselves. 

There’s always more to do, to achieve, to heal, to learn, to organise (etc, etc, etc,) but how about we prioritise peace? What about looking at what we have managed and applauding that, rather than criticising ourselves so harshly?

I hope you’ll join me in this practice, and like learning an instrument it IS a practice. We may be inept and clumsy at first, but with a gentle invitation and a constant return to the intention, we can make it an intrinsic part of life.

So, let’s be kinder together!

I’m offering an Art of Kindness online course from the 24th January to the 21st February. Please scroll down for more info. A kinder more creative you for only £35/£50. How lovely! 

The Art of Kindness

Who could do with a little more kindness in their life?

Hands up. I reckon that is just about everyone.

It’s something that softens the rough edges, reminds us of the goodness in the world and helps our self respect.

What about kindness to ourselves? This is often the hardest part. We can be so hard and even cruel in our criticism and judgment of ourselves. This shows up very clearly around creativity. There is something about taking artistic risks that really gets the critic going.

In this course we will be looking at different ways of practicing kindness through creativity. Kindness to others and to yourself. 

There is a delicious menu of mixed media prompts for you to choose from inviting exploration and play and, of course… kindness!

There’s a supportive WhatsApp group for you to share your work, your thoughts and your questions. I’m on hand to guide and support you. I’m an arts therapist with many, many years experience.

There’s a meditation to help quieten your chatty mind and lead you gently into a creative exercise.

There’s a really friendly zoom meeting at the beginning of the course on the 24th January and at the end on the 21st February. Women love this chance to meet and celebrate their struggles and triumphs on the creative journey.

This course brings you inspiration and support as well as an invitation to bring more creativity and kindness into your life. You will know yourself better and make the world a bit more beautiful.

It’s only £35 for the month. If you would like to opt in to receive a kindness pack which includes collage materials, inspirational quotes, a greeting card, joyous ephemera and more surprises from my kind heart, it is £50. (Available UK only)

Come create and be kind, click here: Creative Club

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