Transience and imperfection, it happens whether you like it or not, whether it’s something that  happened to you or something you manifested yourself.

The thing we can have some choice over however is our own response. To mourn over what is past, spend a fortune trying to look twenty when you’re not, wail over what is broken or lost, or be thankful it was once in your life.

My Teddy is old, I got him when I was 19, so 36 years of cuddles. He was looked after when I went traveling, wept over numerous times, (he really didn’t mind), lost his leg in an argument, (the villain shall remain nameless) and his eye ended up in my dog’s digestive system, (I didn’t have the courage to try and retrieve that!)

Do I love him less than when he was in his shiny box? Of course not. All the scars and fading, all the imperfect and incomplete bits are part of his story.

It’s the same for you. 

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