One of my favourite artists is Vincent Van Gogh. I love his art obviously, but almost as much his passion for life and his wonderful way with words.

The joy and despair, elation and loneliness are expressed in such a humane and timeless way.

I was lucky enough to travel to Arles, where he lived with Gauguin and where he fell in love with the light. He painted many of his best known works here, including the sunflowers, created as a gift to welcome his friend into his home.

By contrast, a theme running through Van Gogh’s life, I also visited Saint Remy where the psychiatric hospital he was admitted to still stands. Driven to a breakdown by disappointment, rejection and absinthe, he slowly began to recover.  An unusually enlightened staff allowing him access to nature and paint, two of the greatest healers.

I’m running a workshop looking at his art, life and writings on the 15th July.  I hope you can join me.

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