My app showed me this symbol today which I didn’t know the meaning of.  As soon as I stepped out for my daily walk, I realised – Fog.

As I stomped off feeling bleary and unfocused I reflected on how pretty much all of our feelings are reflected in the weather.  Weather metaphors are common in language; ‘sunny’ disposition, ‘dampened’ spirits, ‘stormy’ temper. 

The English are almost obsessed by the weather and seem surprised when it rains, the winter is cold and the summer hot (sometimes!) How warm is good and cold is bad.

I know it’s impossible not to be affected by the weather, we are natural beings after all, but I wonder if a mindful approach might ease the resistance if the weather isn’t pleasing.

In mindfulness we try and accept and make space for ALL the feelings and sensations. Not just the calm, peaceful and inspired, but also the distracted, unfocused and irritated. As soon as you accept it, you end the struggle.

Bring on the fog! 

In other news: there is some truly beautiful work and reflections coming out of my online Natural Inspiration course. It’s wonderful to be in a group of women learning about nature and sharing wisdom.

My studio in France is coming together and I’ve been delighted by the amount of interest in the workshops I’m running here.

Thanks for reading 


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