I was asked to take part in a joint exhibition in November 2020 – I said yes quickly. Yes to the joy of collaborating with other artists, yes to getting some of my prolific lockdown artwork out into the world, yes to the hope of making a few quid.

As the date loomed larger I became increasingly unsettled. I had to sit with myself and try and disentangle the fear. Was it the inevitable fear that comes with showing work and acts like an open invitation to the inner critic to come in like a wrecking ball? Or was it my disquiet and mistrust that the pandemic was not over, just slumbering lightly?

I reluctantly decided it was the latter, not much satisfaction in being right. I pulled out of the show  but not before I made this short film. Ambient music by my clever hubby, recorded live with a guitar and looper. 

It’s called transitions. It’s about staying still while all manner of things shift. It’s also about learning to meditate, the peace and stillness as well as the absurd thoughts and unsettled feelings. I never got to show it at the exhibition, but here it is for you. I hope you like it. 


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