Finishing a journal feels like a real transition for me. I’m trying to make time to reflect on where I’ve been and what themes have come up.

They often surprise me as I use my book as a safe place to experiment and play. Some is intentional and focused, such as planning my next course and collecting images. Mostly it’s a place to let my creative voice speak, I give myself permission to make a mess or make something beautiful, I don’t know, but what I do see is themes emerging as I try and support myself through transitions. 

This book features horses, lots of intense multi-layers using whatever is to hand, watercolours, pen, materials, rubber stamps. There is writing where I just allow myself to blurt unedited, whatever I am feeling or or struggling with, images of nature for my course on Natural Inspiration. In other words, a real smorgasbord of creativity. 

This book, started in September saw me through the massive upheaval as I moved from England to France. It is a safe and holding space for whatever life may throw at me, it’s also a really valuable reminder of a remarkable time in my life 💜

More pages over here:

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