A couple of years ago, I felt thoroughly disenchanted with Christmas.

Not much money, fractious family and tiredness were contributing to a not so fa-la-la-la kind of mood. 

I thought about my bah-humbug state and decided to address it. Instead of being bullied by the media to fit into a ‘perfect Christmas’ shape (one I strongly suspect doesn’t really exist) I would keep in what I believe in, and chuck out the rest. It felt very empowering. 

What I love about this time of year is very much rooted in the old customs around solstice. People would gather to get themselves ready for the lean cold months ahead. Fires lit, songs sung, stories told and food and drink shared. We’d be reminded of our common humanity, our struggles and courage through the year. Small token gifts would be exchanged and evergreen decorations put up to remind us we are part of a larger turning world that will be green again.

So this is what we did, we started in darkness and lit a candle each, with a wish for the coming year. By the end the room was bright with little lights and hope. It was beautiful.

I wish for you whatever has meaning, beauty and peace and a reminder that you have permission to leave out what you don’t need.

Wishing you a creative and peaceful time.

See you next year! 

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