Recently I have added stitching to my repertoire of mixed media. I hesitate to call it embroidery as it’s often messy, but I forgive myself, I don’t think I’ve sewn since primary school.  There is something deliberate and meditative about the process which really fits for me. Winter has been slow and sad and I have found sewing eases the sense of powerlessness in the face of suffering. 

I stitched an old fashioned hanky for a friend with bad news in the hope that she will remember how loved she is amongst the tears.

We have also been working on a collaborative project which I find really exciting. Each woman adds some stitching, messages or embellishments to a canvas whilst thinking about kindness. They are so beautiful.

I’m so enthused to be running another workshop called Stitching Witches on the 20th May. We will focus on an intention and create a collage which will then be printed on to canvas, then we stitch!  Wonderful creative magic will emerge. I’m running it from my house in Ulverston, so if you are local (or fancy an excuse for a trip to the lovely Lake District) come join. It’s £60 or £50 if you are or have been a Creative Club member which includes all materials and cups of tea. 

Please get in touch pronto as space is limited –


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