Everything I offer is to deepen your creative experience and give permission for exploration and adventure.

“Fran Riley is an extremely talented and imaginative artist working with all kinds of media. Taking her inspiration from everyday subjects she crafts them it unique works of art in her own individual style. I have found Fran to be both a patient and inspirational teacher.”

Clarity, Compassion, and Creativity

Quiet your mind and be kind and creative.

When busy minds and self-criticism intrude on your creative space it can leave you frustrated and missing out on the joy and flow art can bring.

Inside the course you’ll get access to…

  • Six subjects to intrigue and inspire while developing your own visual vocabulary and encourage your creativity.
  • Relaxing  meditations leading to creative exercises to quiet your chatty mind and critical self.
  • Learn how to work in a journal and I’ll share with you from my own practice  to inspire you.
  • Video demos of some of the prompts and I’ll share how I make a mess, get stuck, and keep on going.

If clarity of mind, kindness of heart and beauty of art is what you’re craving, jump in!

All this for £57.



“I have found Fran to be both a patient, wise and inspirational teacher”

Seeing the Butterfly

Calming the mind through Creativity

Does your life get too fast, your mind can get caught in overwhelm and anxious chatter? Do you feel as if you are missing moments of calm and beauty?

Art can help.

I have called this course Seeing the Butterfly after a conversation with a friend. We were talking about anxiety and how it is like the constant adrenaline fuelled watch for a predatory beast. The beast may or more likely may not appear, but while we are in this fearful state, we have no time to slow down and notice the small and beautiful things. Like the butterfly.

In this course I offer you mixed media creative prompts, designed to slow you down, invite your imagination and take delight in your process. Each subject has:

  • A prompt, an easy to follow, no experience required invitation.
  • My process. I show you my approach to the prompt and share some of my thoughts along the way.
  • Art Therapy theory. To develop understanding on how this process works.
  • Taking it further. Another prompt which encourages deepening the experience.

I’m your guide, I am an artist and art therapist with thirty seven years experience of running workshops and twenty six working as an art therapist. I’m also a practicing artist with many exhibitions and collaborations to my name.

I’m so passionate about the healing and revealing qualities of the creative process. It has been my go to place in times of calm as well as struggle, I find a timeless wisdom there, I just need to show up. I want to share this with you. I do hope you will give yourself this gift.

The course and all six chapters, complete with original inspiring illustrations is £47.



“I discovered my creative self!”

Arti-Ms Creative Club

Get to know yourself and develop your creative language and confidence.

It’s not fun feeling stuck, uninspired or crippled by your inner critic. Everyone of us has a creative voice that longs to sing, but sometimes we just don’t know how to open the cage. Until now!

Inside the club you’ll get access to…

  • A monthly  theme to inspire and invite creative curiosity.
  • A menu of mixed media prompts for you to choose from including collage, written word, 3D, drawing and photography.
  • A video demo where I talk you through a technique and share my process (complete with getting stuck, making a mess and critic wrangling).
  • A meditation to invoke a calm state to help the creative flow and develop your powers of visualisation.
  • A creative Community where you can feel safe, heard and respected.
  • Plus exciting bonuses!

“I’m so glad I found this safe gentle space. I feel heard and accepted.”

Work With Me One To One

I am a qualified arts therapist with many years experience. It’s my job to provide a safe confidential space for you to bring whatever feelings you have.

Often it’s hard to make space for difficult feelings in ordinary life, and if left unheard they tend to become more problematic. I’ll help you to become a better friend to yourself.

There are many things we shouldn’t have to do alone.

I can provide a supportive holding space for you to express and explore whatever you need to. All your feelings are welcome.

If you decide to work with me we will commit to an initial 6 weeks. I charge £60 an hour for an online session.

Email me at fran@arti-ms.com to book your free 15 minute chat to ask questions and check me out.

“This has helped me so much in moving through a confused and painful part of my life.”

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