I was feeling a bit weary and disillusioned yesterday, I suspect I’m not alone. I decided to have a look through my ‘21 photos and was forced to be impressed, and a little kinder to my tiredness.

This year I have written and delivered ten online courses, learned how to create video demos and meditations, written 28 blog posts, 40 newsletters and showed up regularly on instagram. 

I set up a website, learned about marketing, wrestled with tech problems and visibility fears, joined RedBubble.

I made loads of art, in journals, digitally and completed a series of seven chakra images. 

I supported and inspired sixteen happy creative participants in their amazing artwork, worked closely with five 1:1 clients as they worked through some tough stuff.

But, you know it’s often the silent battles, the doubts and challenges that don’t make the headlines, they can be harder.

So here’s to you. Whatever you have done this year. It might not be much on paper but please take some time to give yourself credit for some of the unsung stuff. 

Supporting a friend, taking time to listen to nature, making art, making the world a little kinder or more beautiful. It all matters. You matter.

Here’s to a kind creative new year.

F 💜

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