How is your relationship with your muse?

Your creative life?

The little whisper of your soul?

The definition of muse is “a personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

Like any relationship it needs tending. Sometimes an apology is in order. Sometimes carving out some conscious time amongst the business to really devote to your creativity.

I find she gets a bit hissy if I don’t. If I’ve been gifted with some excellent ideas and I don’t make the time to make them happen. If I override the often odd and unexpected messages of Madame Muse and replace them with something more ‘appropriate and sensible’, there is a distinct pouting and slamming of doors.

I think creativity and the freedom to express yourself are two of the most important things about being alive, – bringing colour, meaning, connection and originality into being. Surely it’s worth wooing your muse? 

Making time and commitment to create, I know it makes my life so much more interesting and inspiring. I love it when I can coax other marvellous muses to come out to play, that’s the intention of Creative Club, your muse will thank you. 

If you sign up for all three months of creative delights and self exploration before 6 September there is an early bird reduction. It’s ONLY £120, yep! For 3 months of muse fodder, fellow creative souls, meditations and bonus treats.

Use this link and see your muse smile. 

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