When asked what kind of art I make and teach I answer ‘mixed media’.

A bit vague eh? What’s that then?

It’s not easy to answer in a sentence, because really it can be anything!

I’ve been known to include baking soda, children’s toys, baking trays, firewood and nail-varnish on some of my creative adventures.

The above menu is what I offer for my weekly classes. The day classes look more closely at a particular technique or an artists’ work. Coming up is ‘Resin D’etre’ (full, but I’ll run another one) and ‘Through Vincent’s Eyes’ – looking at the glorious art and writing of Van Gogh.

Recently I’ve been running bespoke workshops too, it’s a lovely way to get together with friends and make something beautiful.

And in other news, I’m part of an exciting CreativeU summit. Some amazing artists have gathered to share their expertise and artful wisdom in a collection of workshops. The subject is transcendence, there are some fascinating insights on weaving spirituality and creativity together. I’m sharing how to make a mini book based on the chakras, there is also a relaxing meditation and free download of my art. It’s free until June 25, so quickly jump over here… CreativeU

Creatively yours,

Fran 💜 

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