I began my day with a vague, hazy, lazy coffee. Nothing especially new in that, but after it I had an odd disinclination to do anything productive or meaningful.

At first I felt guilty, no website building, course writing or reading of psychotherapy books? Bad me. Then after a little reflection and look back at how hard I’ve worked this year – huge tech learning curve, written seven online courses, lots of my own art, supporting clients through some difficult times… oh yes, and Covid, – I felt it was ok to have a little break.

I made some art just because; I covered a box in resin and dribbled gold dust into it and watched the patterns emerge, (pic above centre).

I enjoyed the colour and light through my bathroom window, (pic above right)

I walked my dog and remembered summer holidays as a child and lay in a field gazing at lazy cows who didn’t seem remotely bothered about taking it easy.  This Beatrix Potter quote says it beautifully.

My blood seemed to move slower and there was a sensual quality in the glow of sun on my skin and the freedom of a gentle breeze.

Ah, let yourself off.   Make some space.   Know you are enough.


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