I’ve been playing with scale here at La Maison Magique.

I’ve been making cute mini books as part of my Natural Inspiration online course. The students are doing some absolutely amazing work and we’re sharing support, inspiration and knowledge. I love my work!

Here is an example, you can just fill them with random pleasing things, choose a theme, they also make lovely personal gifts.

On the other end of the scale, on my walk Saturday and the thought ‘I’m going to paint that wall’ popped into my head. I often have ideas just appear when I’m walking. That’s the theme of my next Natural Inspiration project, walking, art and nature.

Anyway, my husband offered no resistance so off I set, transforming a beige/grey to a swirling blue, purples. I didn’t really have a plan and I’m sometimes surprised at my courage but I’ve been trusting the creative process for a long time now, and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon!

If you’d like to make a mini book with me drop me a message. Also if you’d like to hop on the Natural Inspiration course.

Fran 💜

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