I love what I do…

  • I love the adventure of making art, starting with a spark and the thrill (sometimes fear) of having an unknown destination in what it becomes.
  • I love sharing what I know, what I believe; that creativity is not a mere making things pretty or making exact representations of an object.  
  • No, it is soul expression. It is a place where you are free to play, make mistakes and discover the truth about yourself.
  • It is a place that holds multi meanings, many layers both subtle and bold.
  • It is a never ending adventure, one spark leading to another.
  • It is a profound way of connecting to the lost parts of yourself and also to like minded others. 

Are you hungry for more colour, more freedom, more meaning and wonder?

I can give you tools and a road map to help you rediscover (because we all had it as children) your playful, creative self. The courses I create are designed to wake your inspired self – it works too – I know this because of what participants say…

“I am so excited to discover the creativity in myself again.”

“I love sharing my joys and discoveries with you and the rest of the group.”

“My only regret is that I didn’t join Creative Club sooner.”

“Each month is full of thought provoking and delightful ideas.”

Give yourself the gift of creativity and delightful curiosity, c’mon over here…


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