“Fran is a wonderful workshop leader.  She has a rare combination of bringing depth and meaning to the work, whilst at the same time encouraging play and lightness.  She is very encouraging of individuals connecting to their own creativity, however this looks. I would definitely recommend her workshops.”   Rebecca – London

I love this testimonial as it beautifully expresses something I try to achieve in my Creative Club workshop. According to Rebecca, I’ve succeeded!  The combination of self discovery, depth and meaning twinned with a sense of play, and not being overly concerned with the outcome. That’s what it’s all about.

If you would like more depth, more meaning and a sprinkling of play, please do join us for the next Creative Club, beginning November 15th. Details below. 

Here’s what you get in November’s Creative Club
  • A menu of mixed media prompts to guide you in self discovery and creative exploration.
  • A month to explore the wonderful theme ‘Bodies of Water’, looking at the life giving element as metaphor for feeling, using water colour, writing exercises. No experience required.
  • A feeling of inspiration and curiosity, bringing the meaning back.
  • A lovely community. An introductory zoom call and then another at the end of the month to share your work.
  • A WhatsApp group to chat, share and ask questions.
  • The support of a qualified arts therapist.
  • A video demo to get you in the flow.
  • A lovely relaxing meditation leading into a creative exercise.

All this for less than a night out! Only £30.

We begin November 15th.

C’mon, get those creative juices flowing!

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