I felt something was missing. Beyond the obvious isolation of lockdown there was something else my soul craved. During a meditation and journaling session I identified it as creative community. Not just weather and COVID related shallow chat, but a space to share both vulnerability and triumph.

When you are working creatively, whether it’s a painting or a new business you can pretty much guarantee fear is going to be present. You are doing something new, it’s out of the comfort zone and unknown, so don’t blame fear, just learn to manage it better.

One of the best ways is in a safe space where women wish you well, share your struggles and rejoice in your celebrations. I’m so proud I found this for myself, it made so much difference. One was my accountability pod in a business course I’m taking. We’re a disparate bunch but we have important things in common. Creativity and a force of belief in each other even when (especially when) we don’t believe in ourselves.

The other online group I’m immensely proud to say, I created myself. It’s where we share our art work and process on a given theme. It is truly fascinating and moving how the trust has developed and the appreciation of each others’ art is a beautiful oasis of meaning and kindness in this strange old world.

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