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Bodies of Water- Frequently Asked Questions…

What do you mean by mixed media prompts?

There are lots of lovely invitations to get creative. There is a water colour video demo designed to get you freed up and flowing, one that looks at the suit of cups in tarot cards, a way of seeing where you are in relation to bodies of water. There’s a poetry based one, either inspired by a water poem or an invitation to write your own if inspired. There’s one that uses the metaphor of water to understand how you are feeling.

Who is in the Creative Club?

It’s a small group so it’s cosy and friendly and there is an atmosphere of curiosity and respect, we have some really interesting discoveries and discussions. You are welcome if you’re a newbie or a returning Creative Club member. 

Do I have to do all of it? I’m very busy 

No, it’s really important you don’t add this to your stressy to do list. Do all or some, it’s really up to you, there’s a month to play in.

What happens on the Zoom calls?

We have a friendly hello and introduction at the beginning, 6pm on Monday 15th November, this is a chance to ask any questions and meet each other. At the end of the month we meet again, this is a chance to share your work, your insights, your process. We have a little meditation and art exercise together on this call. This will be 6pm on the 13th December. 

Do I need to be an experienced artist?

Not at all! This is intended to be more about exploration and experiment than creating a work of art. There is an intention of self knowledge through creativity so it’s more a sense of willingness and curiosity required.

What materials do I need?

Something to write/paint on, I like using journals. Some basic pens etc, watercolour paints and brushes.

What’s the meditation about?

It’s a relaxing visualisation, based on water of course! It leads you gently into an art exercise.

What’s with the WhatsApp group?

It’s a sort of clubhouse for you to drop in and show what you’re working on, ask any questions and share your thoughts and discoveries.

What kind of expertise and support should I expect from Fran?

I’m a qualified, experienced arts therapist and artist. I’ve designed this course to encourage creative confidence and self awareness, allowing the inherent wisdom that is in your creative soul to speak. I’m on hand in the WhatsApp group to encourage you and to answer any questions. 

I’m not very techie, is that a problem?

No, it shouldn’t be. All the materials are made available to you at the beginning so you have immediate access, you can print them out if you prefer.  The Zoom link is emailed to you just before the meeting to avoid muddle.  We can help you if you get stuck.

Is there visual inspiration?

Yes! I pride myself in personally making lots of visual goodies on the theme. Expect exciting rich images exploring the theme of water. I’ve also curated a Pinterest board on the theme of water.

Why water?

Each Creative Club is focused on a different subject, one that I personally find fascinating, and I hope you do too! Water is all around us and makes up 60% of us. It’s crucial and life giving, but also easily taken for granted.  This is a chance to slow down and be mindful, appreciating this beautiful element.  Water bodies and containers are also really interesting metaphors for how we feel; ‘buoyed up’, ‘all at sea’ are some common ways of knowing ourselves, there are plenty more and you can understand yourself better through metaphor.

How will I feel?

Well you can have a look what participants have written over here…

The most reoccurring adjectives are supported, inspired, encouraged, and joyful. 

I’ve got other questions, where do I go?


Happy to help.

How much?

It’s only £30. The price of a meal to feed your creative soul for a whole month!

I’m in! Where do I sign?

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