Creativity is not just about making art/music/movement/food etc.

It is about the ability to make something out of what you have, not making excuses that you can’t because you don’t have the time/materials/studio.

I had a very real test of this recently. I went away without my two trusted companions, my dog and my journal. This really had me in a tailspin, I ALWAYS have my sketchbook with me, it’s where I go when I feel shaky, and I was pretty shaky.

It’s funny how it goes though, instead of obsessing over what I didn’t have, I became open to other possibilities.

The creative goddess was smiling. I found a stack of books left for folk to enjoy, this, by the way, is in a tiny village in rural France, not the most likely places for creative scavenging.

Using just this book, scissors and a crusty old glue stick I found I immersed in a creative frenzy.

These images are the results.     

Workshop details coming soon

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