I find the chakras a really useful tool when feeling divided or uncertain. 

If you are not familiar with the Chakra system, here is a brief introduction. There are seven areas of energy each located in different parts of the body.  Each one has a different colour and is concerned with particular aspects of our lives.

The Root Chakra: home finances and health

The Sacral Chakra: emotions

The Solar Chakra: will and courage

The Heart Chakra: love and connections

The Throat Chakra: truth and creativity

The Brow Chakra: intuition

The Crown Chakra: higher power

There is so much to learn about them and if you’re interested in developing your knowledge I highly recommend Anodea Judith’s book ‘ Eastern Body, Western Mind’

By focusing on the principles of each chakra individually I can get a greater sense of the whole. It’s like calling a house meeting of seven very different house mates. They don’t always agree!

For example, we just had a huge life change when we moved from England to France. Like any big change it was a massive upheaval with so many unknown factors.

Consulting my chakras helped provide an anchor in this stormy sea.

Here’s what they had to say:

Root chakra: this is triggering fear, an unknown land and uncertainty about money.

Sacral chakra: I can hold excitement and possibly at the same time as anxiety.

Solar chakra: come on, let’s do this. You have pulled off many daring adventures before, you can do it again.

Heart chakra: gently with yourself darling, find ways of coming back to me.

Throat chakra: stay true, trust yourself and listen out for your authentic voice.

Brow chakra: your imagination will not let you down.

Crown chakra: be grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Next time you are in a muddle, try it. You can even get them to vote on a decision and see who wins the majority!

I’ve created a chakra series which is available in many formats from prints, cushions and clothing. It’s available here at red bubble.

Maybe invest in the chakra you or a friend most need now. Or of course get all seven! 

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