What an extraordinary time of year! If only I could be as productive as my garden. All sorts of mystery flowers and ‘weeds’ have burst into life. It’s an absolute joy to lie in the hammock, gaze at the cherry tree and listen to the blackbird.

I haven’t been an absolute slacker though. Things are buzzing in the studio. I’m part of an exciting summit over here at CreativeU. There’s a delightful menu of creative workshops all with the theme of transcendence, including my little chakra book and freebie download.  

I’ve also been cooking up more workshop ideas in my hammock, including an online one based on fairy tales, in person ones including niches, resin work and two bespoke ones. As always alongside anything I do I work and play in my trusty journal.

When I think about it, these things as well as entertaining dear friends, setting up an Etsy shop, learning French, playing ukulele, and making cherry chutney etc it’s been a fine mix of productivity and relaxation.  There is nothing shameful about taking it easy, in fact it’s a crucial part of the creative process, as Rachel Rose writes in her lovely book ‘Creating Stillness’…

“You may have had the experience of trying very hard to solve a problem or find inspiration, but then you reach a point of mental fatigue and exhaustion and walk away. Then later, while you’re walking, showering, driving, or doing a routine task, the solution suddenly presents itself to you a eureka moment! This phenomenon is a result of a quieting of the conscious mind that allows your unconscious mind to begin working at the problem. Once your mind can work more holistically, suddenly the solution has the space to emerge.”


My upcoming courses in France…

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