The time for turning in after the long hot Summer days(!) New projects, big pads of blank paper waiting to be filled, sleek and expectant, waiting for your stories and drawings.

I didn’t get on that well with school. It would have been better for me had the art class been less about photographic reality and more about personal expression, had psychology and mythology existed as subjects, and if the environment encouraged kindness and curiosity as opposed to competition and conformity.  

However, I survived it and there were things I enjoyed, like the new fluffy pencil cases and protractor (never quite worked out what that was for!) The atmosphere of expectation and new starts, ready to grow and connect and explore.

Creative Club isn’t school. You are actively encouraged in your unique creativity, you are invited to explore and experiment, to colour outside the lines. To become more reflective and yes, learn in a way that expands and intrigues you, and to share your discoveries in a space that delights in your creativity too.

Grab your fluffy pencil case and join us!

Creative Club

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