I’m so glad you have found your way here. I hope you’ll stay a while and let me show you my creative world. You’ll find colour, inspiration and courageous creativity here.

I’m Fran Riley,

I have been an artist from as soon as I could pick up a crayon, a workshop leader for 37 years and an arts therapist for 26 years. Art is my passion, my go to in happy times sas well as in sad and confused times.

I know how it feels to have the early buds of creativity crushed by harsh words, comparison and judgement.

It hurts.

I ‘failed’ my art exam at school and for a long time I believed this judgment. Those in authority told me I was no good, but a small but persistent voice in me kept urging “create, begin… just try”.

I am so glad I listened, I think it’s no exaggeration to say art has saved me, defined me and given me the ability to heal others.

My other passion is supporting women to find their own truth in creativity. 

I’ve watched women bloom as they recover from crippling false self-beliefs about being an artist.

It is in you, perhaps waiting for the safety to blossom.

Trust me, I can show you how.

I have devised several courses and I have lots more to come, designed to get you in the creative flow.

You can either choose from:

A self paced option

Join a community course

Or work with me one to one where you can deeply explore your personal visual vocabulary and have tailored support with any issues you may be struggling with.

Email me at fran@arti-ms to book your free Zoom consultation or to ask me any questions.

Let’s make this a creative adventure!

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