One thing about slowing down at this time of year is you get time to look at things more closely. I’ve always been a prolific journal keeper – ideas, scribbles, splats, phone numbers, postcards, quotes, shopping lists… anything goes. My journal doesn’t judge or criticise, it’s a safe container for anything I might throw at it whether I’m sad, curious or playful.  

One thing I’m trying to get into the habit of doing is reflecting on where I’ve been before galloping on to the next book to fill.

It is an odd process for me, but one that is extremely rewarding. I’m always amazed at how much wisdom art holds. Looking back I can see that I’m expressing things I was not yet consciously aware of. Themes and repeated symbols emerge which speak eloquently about that chapter of my life. Perhaps I shouldn’t be amazed still, I’ve been doing this 36 years, but always it is like a form of magic.


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