Ready to embrace the freedom and joy of your original creative self?

“I feel much more confident and sure of myself, free to find my own creative voice.”

I’m Fran Riley,

An artist, therapist and workshop leader.

I have a grand passion for the healing power of art, both as a way of expressing the subtle, original and profound experience and as a way of making life more colourful and beautiful.

I offer self paced courses for you to deepen your creative experience and give permission for exploration and adventure.

I learned the power of creativity when I was young, a bit of a lost girl, with hearing problems and a dysfunctional family.

Creativity was my refuge, it still is!

As I grew older it became more than a place to retreat, it became my superpower, a tool forenlightening and transforming.

Although I have BA Hons in Art and Psychology and a MA in Arts Therapy, my work is not book learned (although I read a LOT!) but it comes with passion… from my heart .

“I’m truly inspired by this course and discovering a creativity I never thought I had.”

Share my Creative World with my blog.

Come and join me as I share what I’m making, thinking and what is inspiring me right now!

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